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Issues & Society

"Donor Sperm: a love story" (Herald Sun newspaper) - link to external website

"Mothers Superior" (Madison magazine) - PDF (4.50MB)

"I love you, now confess" (theLounge magazine) - link to external website

"Conversations in brothels" (theLounge magazine) - PDF (3.40MB)

"The Story of Greensburg" (Habitat magazine) - PDF (2.40MB)

Pregnancy & Baby

"Single Girl's Pregnancy Survival Guide" (Cosmopolitan Pregnancy) - PDF (2.26MB)

"European Travel With a Baby on Your Hip" (Cosmopolitan Pregnancy) - PDF (1.94MB)

"Who Will Take Care of Baby?" (Cosmopolitan Pregnancy) - PDF (3.46MB)

Green Living

"Demystifying Organic Labeling" (Cosmopolitan Health) - PDF (7.86MB)

"The organic Trolley Challenge" (G magazine) - PDF (1.20MB)

"How to Give a Green Gift" (Habitat) - PDF (532KB)

"The Oscars Go Green" (Habitat) - PDF (548KB)

"Lentil as Anything" (G magazine) - PDF (1.05MB)

"Here Comes the (Carbon Neutral) Bride" (Green Living magazine) - PDF (3.46MB)

"Sustainable Schools" (Education Matters magazine) - PDF (1.71MB)


"Cut price Paris chic" (Lucire magazine) - PDF (1.27MB)

"Melbourne's Classic Glamour" (Lucire magazine) - link to external website

"Waste not, want not: my sister's wardrobe" (G magazine) - PDF (2.16MB)


"The food lovers guide to Sydney" (Irish Food and Wine magazine, Ireland) - PDF (388KB)

"Disco is out" (The Connexion, France)

"Tres Sophistique" (Lucire magazine, USA/New Zealand) - link to external website

"Paris chic" (Paris Woman Journal, France) - link to external website

"Dreamtime tourism" (Transitions Abroad, USA) - PDF (220KB)


"Family History Holidays" (The Age newspaper) - link to external website

"Traveling Across the Ditch Made Easy" (Australian Retiree magazine) - PDF (4.72MB)


Jamie Oliver (theLounge magazine) - PDF (2.09MB)

Dalai Lama (Habitat) - PDF (3.42MB)

David Suzuki (Habitat) - PDF (2.20MB)

Food & Wine

"Restaurant Rendezvous" (Good Taste magazine) - PDF (2.14MB)

"How to drink champagne" (theLounge magazine) - PDF (2.40MB)

"Anthony Bourdain: tales from Hell's kitchen" (theLounge magazine) - PDF (3.06MB)

"How to throw a tapas party" (theLounge magazine) - PDF (2.02MB)

"Melbourne Alive, After the Races" (Visit Vineyards) - link to external website

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